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The 2023 Champions League Final in Istanbul

The 2023 UEFA Champions League Final will be the final match of the 2022–23 UEFA Champions League, the 68th season of Europe’s premier club football tournament organized by UEFA, and the 31st season since it was renamed from the European Champion Clubs’ Cup to the UEFA Champions League. It will be played at the Atatürk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul, Turkey in May 2023.

The final was originally scheduled to be played at Wembley Stadium in London, England. However, due to the postponement and relocation of the 2020 final because of the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe, the scheduled hosts for subsequent finals were shifted back a year, and the Allianz Arena in Munich was assigned the 2023 final.[1] When the 2021 final, which had been scheduled to be played in Istanbul, also had to be relocated due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Turkey, the 2023 final was given to Istanbul instead; Munich will now host 2025 final.

The winners will earn the right to play against the winners of the 2022–23 UEFA Europa League in the 2023 UEFA Super Cup.

Category 1 Yellow Section Long Side: 5000 EURO Per Ticket

Category 2 Green Section Long Side Corner Each: 4200 EURO Per Ticket

Category 3 / 4 Blue Section Behind of Goal Each: 3700 EURO Per Ticket

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Frequently Asked Questions

—  “How do I find out the ticket prices?” 

If “On Request” is displayed as the price, submit an order on our website. We will definitely get in contact with you and inform you of the cost, at which point you will be able to make a decision on whether or not to make the purchase. If the price is indicated by ticket type, you can find out the final cost for a particular section from a manager while placing an order or await a call back after you’ve placed your order.

—  “Are my ticket seats located next to each other?” 

Two-seat purchases always feature both seats located right next to each other. In the event you are purchasing more than two tickets, be sure to ask your manager what the seating conditions are before making the purchase.

—  “How do I select where to sit?”  

Often times tickets are sold on a “Best Available” basis. You cannot choose seats on your own. When you place your order, rest assured that your tickets are the best available in the seating category you’ve selected.

Receiving your order

There are several different ways to get your tickets, depending on the event you are attending *:

An e-ticket is a delivery method that allows you to print your ticket at home or any other place with a printing station. You receive an e-ticket with a unique bar-code which will be scanned to allow you to enter the event. Keep in mind that you will need access to a printing station in order to print out your tickets. Most e-tickets become available right away and will be sent to you within one business day after your purchase. Otherwise, tickets are usually available 1-3 days prior to an event.
Express delivery
Printed tickets will be shipped to the address you provided at checkout via express delivery.
Pick up at the office
You can pick up your order yourself at the company’s office after confirmation by the Company’s management.
Pick up at the city of the event
Tickets for events held abroad will be delivered to the address of your stay in the city of match 1-5 days before the event date unless special conditions have been agreed upon.
All orders are final, no refunds will be given.


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