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Ayasofya Mosque is not FREE anymore for Tourists since today 15 JAN 2024 Monday

The entrance fee is: 25 Euro — For Local People, the mosque entrance fee is FREE !!! The Hagia Sophia entrance fee is 25 Euros in 2024. After the building was converted into a mosque in July 2020, it could be visited free of charge until very recently Later purchasing this ticket, you enter the building through the door of Hagia Sophia reserved for tourists and visit the galleries on the second floor…. The monumental gate adjacent to Topkapi Palace Museum has been designed as a tourist entrance. Tourists entering from here will reach the galleries on the second floor and will be able to see the Byzantine mosaics there as well as take panoramic photographs of the building from the upper floor. #ayasofya #ayasofyamosque #entrancefee #2024 #sultanahmet #istanbul #türkiye #hagiasophiagrandmosque #santasophiamuseum Contact : Hakan HACIBEKIROGLU Whatsapp : +905337385862 24/7 Mail :

As of Monday, January 15th, 2024 visitors from foreign countries will be allowed to enter Hagia Sophia from a newly established gate located across Sultan Ahmed III Fountain (GoogleMaps). The ticket booth is also located across from the Sultan Ahmed III Fountain, Both the entrance gate and ticket booth can be found easily by getting to the Topkapı Palace Museum’s Imperial Gate (OpenStreetMap) a.k.a. “Bâb-ı Hümâyun” gate.

Visitors will be transported to the gallery floor by a ramp after the entrance gate and will be able to see the sanctuary floor of the mosque and the Ottoman period annexes, pass through the Heaven and Hell gate (Marble Door), and examine the Byzantine period mosaics. The upper gallery exit will be via the ramp in the northeast direction (See the floor plan above – “Ramp to 2nd Floor”). Hagia Sophia visitors will be able to receive information in 23 languages through their mobile phone headsets with a QR code application without disturbing the worshipers. Protective measures were taken along the tour route, such as security cameras, fire detection, and emergency announcement systems.


The Hagia Sophia Mosque is famous for its exterior as well as its interior. The mausoleums of Ottoman Sultans outside the building are among the first to visit. There are tombs of princes and mausoleums of Sultan Selim II, Sultan Murad III, Sultan Mehmed III, Sultan Mustafa I, and Sultan Ibrahim whose reigns followed one another. Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque more than just a monument to the grandeur of human achievement and artistic expression. It also serves as the final resting place for five sultans and their families, giving it a venerated historical status befitting its age and history. The four minarets of Hagia Sophia, known to be built by Mimar Sinan, the fountain of Sibyan (elementary) school, the clock room, the fountains, buttresses, the treasury building and the soup kitchen are also increasing the magnificence of the structure.


Hagia Sophia Marvel has so many stories to portray from the Byzantine era to the Ottoman Empire, this legendary building is the greatest symbol of İstanbul. A Hagia Sophia tour is a must when you explore the historic peninsula, which has a special place in history as an architectural gem.

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