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Ayasofya Mosque // Hagia Sophia Mosque

Muslims who are not citizens of the Republic of Turkey will be able to enter the Hagia Sophia Mosque free of charge

only during prayer times. If they want to see the visitation area, they will have to pay a fee which is 25 EURO

I would like to give you my opinion about the Hagia Sophia Mosque / Hagia Sophia Mosque. Since the Hagia Sophia Mosque is both a museum and a mosque, misinformation has started to occur among people.
The most important thing I will say first is that during prayer times, both Turkish citizens and foreign citizens who are Muslims can easily go to the mosque to perform their prayers.
If you want to visit the upper floor or the second floor, you need to buy a museum ticket for it. the fee is 25 euros per person.
children up to 8 years old are free of charge.
this price is also valid for Turkish citizens if they want to visit the mosque.

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